This company hails from Terno d’Isola Italia.

Colombo Design is a recent name among Italian hardware firms, but with extensive industry experience in a previous association called Valli & Colombo. Starting with a new, custom-built facility in 1990, the line has grown exponentially, offering a wide range of unusual and beautiful lever handles (now available as complete sets with U.S. mechanisms) in many finishes, with co-ordinated doorpulls, hat & coat hooks, recessed cabinet pulls, and other designs.

Designs are commissioned from leading architects & designers including: Archilab, Angeletti & Ruzza, Carlo & Anna Bartoli, Ambrogio Rossari, Bonini & Spicciolato, Castiglia Associati, Di Blasi Associati, Makio Hasuike, Studio Kairos, Alberto Meda, Jasper Morrison, and the Pininfarina Design Studio.

In the August 1, 1997 issue of Interior Design magazine, Ironmonger is credited with introducing “[a] collection of door hardware from Colombo Design, one of Italy’s premier sources” at NeoCon. Since then, we’ve continued to showcase their ‘beautiful’ levers and more.

If you see something you like, email us at: or contact us toll-free at: 800-621-1937. Let us be your Source for Colombo. And remember, when you Specify the hardware, Specify the Source !

*Colombo Design retains the following qualifications: ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 (environmental management system certificate) Green Made

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