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"Genau !"

FSB, courtesy of German idiom, has introduced a new catch phrase (their favorite translation –  Heck yeah !) to go with their latest architectural hardware concept in TRANSITIONS.

TRANSITIONS features 4 original lever designs paired with FSB's 5 most popular lever designs, each fashioned out of solid brass to provide a modestly priced alternative to FSB Premium.


Sarah Illenberger artist - Evolutionary achievements for the hand

Established in Germany in 1881 and renowned for their "Four Rules of Good Grip," FSB makes more lever designs in more metal finishes than any other manufacturer.

The complete FSB range includes door pulls, locksets, levers & trim, bath accessories, and other related products such as doorstops, cabinet knobs and more.

FSB levers are ADA compliant
FSB has an antimicrobial option in its living Bronze finish
FSB uses a high-grade European Aluminium alloy which is highly recyclable
FSB can be used with American and European trim (locking mechanisms)

FSB 1023 Lever - Johannes Potente design

During the 1950's Johannes Potente created a series of modern classics for FSB (four handles are in the Permanent Design Collection at MoMA). Since then FSB has sought proposals for 'the humble door handle' from architects and designers world-wide.

Other contributors to the FSB product catalogue include Dieter Rams, Alessandro Mendini, Jasper Morrison, Helmut Jahn, Josef Paul Kleihues, Richard Rogers – to name a few – and Heike Falkenberg whose (FSB 1035 Lever) remains a perennial best-seller.

FSB 1035 Lever - Heike Falkenberg design

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Tomi Ungerer artist - Wacky Handles

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