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FSB Illustration by Tomi Ungerer

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Once branded as ‘America’s Source for Europe’s hardware,’ The Ironmonger Inc. (brainchild of John Hurst), did for the architectural hardware world what the iPad did for Apple. In so doing, we transformed a generation of designers besieged by the traditionalist trappings of brass and bronze coloured knobs, door knockers, and hinges, wowing them with cool, sleek, slender white metal.

John Hurst (himself a European émigré) instigated the hardware Revolution Stateside by single-handedly introducing some of the elite European wunderkind of the design world, men like Knud Holscher and Alan Tye (the dline and Modric brands, respectively), two designers whose twin goals culminated into the ability to provide a contemporary ‘family of related designs.’ Holscher and Tye both visualized and epitomized the notion of Timeless, Classic appeal. 

Today, The Ironmonger, Inc. is considered the premiere architectural hardware distributor in the United States. Our knowledge is unsurpassed. In many instances, we know more than the manufacturer’s representatives here in the U.S.

By showcasing designs from around the world, from places like New Zealand, Australia, England, and from that most exotic place of all, the ‘good ole’ United States, we continue to demonstrate why we’re still America’s Source for Modern Hardware. 

So as the economy strengthens and all of us push forward together, let The Ironmonger, Inc. be your one-stop Source !

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Do you know which FSB handle is pictured in the illustration at the top of this page?

FSB 1020 Johannes Potente Handle - Part of Permanent MoMA Collection


The illustration is part of the FSB "Tomi Ungerer's Wacky Handle" marketing campaign