This line out of the United Kingdom has steadily evolved into one of the world’s largest ranges of fully co-ordinated modern hardware. Manufactured in several metal finishes and available for application anywhere, this product’s timeless appeal, classic design and durability are the reasons for its unprecedented ten-year warranty on most designs.

The MODRIC range was developed in the UK by Alan Tye and Knud Holscher in 1965. In response to a lack of well-designed fittings, they created a modular metric system (hence mod-ric), with the now-obvious philosophy that all the hardware for a project should belong to a family of related designs. Thanks in part to the foresight of the manufacturers, G & S Allgood Ltd, these designs were promoted and augmented over the years. Today, MODRIC is one of the largest ranges of co-ordinated modern hardware fittings in the world.

As befits architectural hardware development, Holscher returned to Denmark (where he later designed the d line range for Carl F Petersen Co), leaving Tye to develop new fittings, including the ‘Limbar’ range of levers and pulls for health care specification (1970), and the ‘Spectra Color System’ (1976). More recent Tye designs include ‘Haft’, ‘Quaver’, and ‘Reflex’, and are identified under the group name ‘MODE’.

Ironmonger has been working with MODRIC for almost as long as the design has been in production. We know their products. We are the hardware experts. Let us be your Source for MODRIC.

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