FROST has a statement to make and it's CLASSIC !

BLACK is the new BLACK !

In this chapter our protagonist continues his foray into the world of colour, taking off his hat and raising a design wand to products near and far.

The FROST story began in 2002 in Hadsten Denmark when Hans Jørgen Frost joined forces with the award-winning Danish design firm Bønnelycke mdd, and created an exceptional line of architectural hardware.

The result was a fresh new take on Modern Scandinavian design. From a collection of stainless steel cabinet hardware emerged a Creative Solution – groups of fittings that showcased kitchen, bath, and wardrobe accessories.


FROST architectural hardware is ‘design with a purpose’; a ‘Creative Solution’ that embodies architect & Bønnelycke mdd founder Henrik Bønnelycke’s design ethos of extolling value through the creation of relevant products.

Classic Black - Where Beauty and Power Meet Elegance

In 2008, FROST received two of the prestigious reddot design awards when designers Flemming Busk and Stephan Hertzog, newcomers to the team, dared people to “stand out from the crowd” with their Camouflage and Wishbone series. In 2014, busk+hertzog  would go on to win the Interior Innovation Award for their RADA shoe rack.



In 2015 FROST added a new chapter to his Story – The Beauty of Coloured Metal. And once again our protagonist emerged triumphant with the debut of the FROST ORIGINAL COPPER Series, a complete line of interior accessories cast in this brilliant tawny hue.

Delving further into the Story, we encountered FROST MODERN GOLD,” another full line of coordinated accessories, cast this time in a warm yellow.

Here we found characters like the Nova2 Suction Hook & Nova2 Wiper along with the new and stylish Nova2 Combi & Candlestick. We also found classics like the Nova2 Hook and the Wishbone Coat Tree.

UNU Series Accessories

And so the FROST story continues to evolve.

Today encompassing much more than just cabinet hardware, it’s a Complete Solution that CELEBRATES THE INDIVIDUALS amongst us !

FROST now offers a Salt & Pepper Shaker set, Candleholders, and trivets along with other commodities like their hangers, mirrors, hall stands, shoe racks, shelves, and much more.

While most items are offered in Timeless Silver (polished stainless) and Universal Brushed (satin stainless) finishes, you’ll now find many offered in Original Copper, Modern Gold, Pure White, Classic Black, as well as in various powder-coated finish colours.

And, if you’re looking for that modern chic look – FROST says Be Bold ! Mix your Metals !

Their SIGNATURE COLLECTION of coordinated accessories will let you do just that !


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