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R1025 - Square Stitch Out Lever design


Since 1992, when this British manufacturer first opened its doors, TURNSTYLE DESIGNS has been an innovator in leather-clad architectural hardware and has been hammering out luxurious creations ever since.

In one of their more recent designs, TURNSTYLE literally "hammers" out a new finish !

With copious dings and dents enveloping each piece of hardware, the new HAMMERED RANGE fits nicely into every décor style – from Industrial Chic to Mid-Century Modern to Traditional to Coastal to Hollywood Regency to Shabby Chic to Modern Farmhouse – the list goes on and on. This new grouping brings an upbeat energy and adds ‘un air d’élégance’ to every project.

In the new HAMMERED RANGE, TURNSTYLE DESIGNS presents us with a select group of products for which they have also created two new Vintage finishes to “bring out the best in the texture.”


The exclusivity of this line lies in its lavishness. Using only the finest materials, highly skilled artisans craft each lever with the care and precision of a jeweler. And before they slip the piece into its very own protective pouch, QUALITY CONTROL mandates that at least 8 pairs of hands touch each and every creation.

AP1181 Bow Handle

Custom Modified Leather

While TURNSTYLE has an amazing array of products and finishes, they realise that everyone has a dream. With their BESPOKE options – TAILORED or MODIFY – not only do they give you the means to create your own designs, they send a little INSPIRATION along the way.

So, C’mon and let us be your Source for TURNSTYLE DESIGNS !

If you see something you like, send us your EMAIL , send us your fax:  1-312-527-1870 or call us toll-free:  1-800-621-1937

And remember, when you Specify the hardware, Specify the Source !


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