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MODular metRIC was the world’s first co-ordinated range of 316 ‘surgical grade’ stainless steel architectural hardware, and has steadily evolved over the years to provide a fully comprehensive range of fittings, recognized and specified worldwide. Originally designed and developed by Alan Tye, Royal Designer for Industry, and Knud Holscher in 1965, modric is made in the U.K.

Recent fittings added to modric include the Holt range, a hardware collection fashioned out of the finest grade sustainably sourced honey-blonde English oak. Designed by Alex Mowat of MOWAT & CO., this series has its beginnings in the Nordic countries where Alex traveled, observing how timber influenced everyday lives with the goal being to capture that aesthetic and translate it to a product suitable for other environments.

In addition to door and bathroom accessories, the Holt range has signagepull handles, cabinet handles and coat hooks.

18010 Holt oak Doc M Pack

modric's SEMBLA range of architectural hardware, available in both Aluminum and Stainless Steel, is based on a modular node to which various components can be assembled, providing an unusual degree of flexibility.

In the SEMBLA range you'll find coat hooks, door stops, lever handles, pull handles, wc turn indicators and releases.

3623 sembla Lever

1628 sembla Pull Handle






range of Antimicrobial Copper hardware looks like stainless steel and is available in both satin and polished finishes. Made from a copper alloy, this product fits perfectly in any environment where you want to minimize the spread of bacteria, making it ideal for medical facilities, laboratories and the like.

In the CONTEGO range you’ll find lever handles, pull handles, push plates, a wc turn indicator and release, along with other door accessories.


modric | Allgood has received ISO 14001 Certification • Environmental Management System as outlined by the British Standards Institute (BSI) for voluntary compliance in lessening their carbon footprint – a crowning achievement – the production of products that are 95 - 100% recycled at life end.

IRONMONGER has been working with modric for almost as long as the design has been in production. We're the hardware experts and we know their products.

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Holt Door & Bathroom Accessories

Holt 3801 Lever

Holt 3802 Lever

Holt Cabinet Handles

Holt Coat Hooks


modric 2640 Hand Dryer

Modric 2302 Door Stop

modric 6541 Hooks

modric 2445 Toilet Brush Holder