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Art Déco Item no.: KUD30M+E2M+ENM

Art Déco Item No.

TECNOLINE® makes another Big Statement with its latest addition in the IMPACT series by Axel Jaccard, Industrial Designer at the CCHE Architecture and Design firm in Lausanne, Switzerland. Sleek in design, ergonomic and highly functional, the IMPACT series, with its silicone inlay, surprises the user with its ‘feel.’

IMPACT Lever & Rose

The IMPACT series consists of a stainless lever – fronted by black silicone – designed specifically to eliminate the need for a doorstop, a window handle and a door knob, both also fronted by black silicone.

*Polished stainless versions available upon request.

The series also includes a stainless bathroom fitting with a Red/White indicator and emergency release.

In a world rife with knock-offs and imitations, TECNOLINE® holds the sole license to reproduce the now ‘Classic’ 1923 Walter Gropius lever handle, with other Bauhaus designs by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Ferdinand Kramer, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Art Déco handles by unknown designers, all major accomplishments for the early 20th century.

Gropius Lever in New Polished Rolled Bronze Waxed Finish

In response to growing demand for a more “antique” looking handle, TECNOLINE® created an array of distinct surfaces, some bronzed, a little stained, a little mottled in appearance.

Gropius Lever in Rolled Bronze Finish

In so doing, TECNOLINE® produced a uniquely weathered façade au courant with today's raw, edgy style, all of which integrate seamlessly into the 'industrial chic' design trend.

OTHER NEWS:  In a nod to the 130th birthday of Walter Gropius, TECNOLINE® introduced the *Serie 130 collection for which they manufactured the iconic Gropius lever in several new and exciting finishes.

Serie 130

*This series has strict minimum quantity requirements – Factory Approval Required

Walter Gropius Lever

TECNOLINE® GUARANTEES  the authenticity of their product !

And, we here at the IRONMONGER, GUARANTEE that when you ask us for TECNOLINE®’s GROPIUS HANDLE, you’ll get the ‘1923 Classic’ and nothing less !

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