Formani Van Vliet room tables

Bergen, The Netherlands Photography: Herman Van Heusden

For You…. For Me…. FORMANI®

They say Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder – OPEN UP! and Behold!

We here at the Ironmonger are delighted to present this élite line of innovative architectural hardware imported from The Netherlands. Exquisitely crafted, clean and neat describe these products created by stellar artisans who explore the power behind simple designs.

FORMANI® partners with the leading Dutch designers. Standouts like Mathieu Bruls, Bob Manders, Edward Van Vliet and the reddot design award winner Tord_Boontje who put Whimsy on display in his Happy Ever After installation (his “Ivy Shadow” light was featured in the May 2015 Interior Design Spring Market issue).

Piet Boon One Photo

ONE by Piet Boon Photography: Leah Hawker

Arguably one of the most notable FORMANI® collaborative efforts is their ‘exclusive worldwide licensing’ of the Piet Boon® hardware and bathroom products. Piet Boon, the international master craftsman, designer and architect, counts 101 Wall Street and The Huys luxury apartments in New York along with The Jane Antwerp restaurant in Belgium among his recent projects. A passion borne of personal experiences fuels his creativity. Symmetry its muse. What Piet Boon deems ‘barefoot chic’ masquerades as posh luxury.

Timeless 1934 Ebony door handle

TIMELESS 1934 Ebony door handle

The FORMANI® line of European door hardware and bathroom accessories is available in a variety of metal and wood combination finishes.  Metal finishes include Polished, Satin, or PVD Stainless; Satin, Bright, or PVD Nickel; PVD Satin Gold; Brass lacquered & un-lacquered; Satin Black & Satin White. Wood finishes include Oak, natural & blackened; natural Ebony. Also *Bakelite finish available.

*Only the TIMELESS door handle is available in Bakelite  **Collection and Design determine Finish availability

FORMANI® is soigné. It’s a lifestyle enjoyed worldwide by people who love the finer things, the very same people who surround themselves in clean simple luxury. FORMANI® invites you into this world and allows you to be the Epicurean whose philosophical ideal is to live well and be happy.

Formani Van Vliet Nour lever

NOUR by Edward Van Vliet

Formani Van Vliet room

NOUR by Edward Van Vliet


Whether you love the hustle and bustle of the busy city or prefer the bucolic countryside, FORMANI® has a design for you.

So, come on and OPEN UP!  Once inside, you’ll discover award winning designs and find yourself immersed in a total design concept, one perfected by the Dutch throughout the years.

When you’ve found what you’re looking for, call us toll-free: 1-800-621-1937 or reach us locally: 1-312-527-4800. You can fax us: 1-312-527-1870 and you can send us an email

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At your leisure, be sure and browse through the full line OPEN UP! catalogue which heads the downloads at the top of this page. There you’ll find breathtaking vistas and panoramic views from around the world. Behold the Beauty !

Open Up 2015

To learn more about this line of Dutch hardware, watch the New corporate movie by FORMANI®. Here you’ll get an in-depth look at the production and design concept behind the Tord Boontje reddot design award winner FOLD.


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