INOX NY Entrance Handleset

"We Believe…

If you let your imagination take flight…
Wondrous possibilities abound”   

So begins the passage on the Inox® Stainless Steel Collection brochure. And UNISON has done just that by creating a line of architectural hardware wherein the detail lies in the simplicity of the design.

From their inception in 1991 as a European OEM, by 2005 UNISON HARDWARE had successfully developed product lines specifically designed and tailored to the U.S. market.

Today UNISON HARDWARE has both the UNISON (commercial) and Inox® (residential) lines which have made their way into installations worldwide. With the boon in hospitality projects and the crossover in the residential/commercial aesthetic, you’ll find UNISON HARDWARE uniquely primed to fill many of your hardware needs.

Inside the INOX Architectural Trim & Auxiliary Hardware product catalog you'll find Commercial Roller Latches, Magnetic Door Holders, Door Stops and more.

With an eye towards perfection, UNISON manufactures and produces their own designs in family owned factories both here and abroad.

Unison Mortise Lock w/Flush Pull

UNISON also collaborates one on one with designers and architects, using the latest technologies to create a totally bespoke product or to modify an existing one.

FH31 Regal Flush Pull

So to all of you Architectural Product Specifiers out there, be sure and check out UNISON HARDWARE !

And when you’ve found what you need, call us toll-free: 1-800-621-1937, fax us: 1-312-527-1870 or send us your EMAIL.

Remember, when you specify the hardware, Specify the Source !

INOX 225 Waterfall Lever

225 Waterfall Lever

C'mon, and "let your imagination take flight" !



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