Vieler's beauty lies in its Subtlety.

Vieler Hat and Coat Stand

In 1913, VIELER International GmbH,  was one of the first lines to offer a comprehensive range of architectural hardware products to outfit all areas of a building.

This family owned business provides all of their products in a finely detailed, maintenance-free, brushed signature Stainless Steel / Aluminium metal blend.

Vieler designs look familiar because they're classics. They are strong, sturdy, smooth, and sinuous. In recognition of the need for a barrier-free environment, Vieler has always led the march towards greater accessibility. They embrace a holistic approach to design to enhance the quality of life of all users.

Vieler's products are manufactured in accordance with DIN 18024 and DIN 18025 accessibility requirements for public spaces as determined by the German Institute for Standardization.

Vieler Unisex Symbol 0743

Vieler Wheelchair Symbol 0742

Vieler cantilever grab rail 703X





Let IRONMONGER be your source for Vieler's hardware.
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