Mi CASA en su CASA !

The CASA - Barn Door Hardware Set

Beyerle US introduces their new barn door hardware, the CASA, and it's a beaut !

Available in a black coated stainless steel finish, this new track has what BEYERLE describes as a ‘more rustic feel.’

Moderately priced, the CASA is sure to make its way into many commercial and residential applications around the world.

In addition to their highly popular Sliding Door Systems, BEYERLE produces Locking Ladder Pulls, a Shower Door System, Bottom Roller Systems and more. Best known for hand-finished stainless steel fittings, some items are also available in aluminium and brass.

Locking Pull System

Since 1995, family owned German manufacturer ABP-BEYERLE GmbH has been using and developing the latest technologies and procuring only the best materials for use in the production of their products.

This attention to detail along with stringent quality controls ensure continued excellence.

With parent company ABP-BEYERLE GmbH operating out of Bruschal Germany guaranteeing sufficient inventory on many of their best-selling items, BEYERLE US guarantees quick delivery of stocked products while providing exemplary service from purchase to installation.

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