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Ironmonger was the first distributor of modern European hardware in the United States, literally introducing iconic product manufacturers like Dline, HEWI, FSB and MODRIC. At the time, the early 1970’s, we revolutionized the way American architects conceptualized and designed interior and exterior spaces. To this day, our name alone garners respect nationwide as the forerunner and the leading authority on European mechanisms and their applications.

Based in Chicago, Ironmonger continues to serve as the leading Source for European hardware in the USA. And in keeping up with the ever-expanding global market, we now represent manufacturers from around the world – including ‘down under’ places like New Zealand and Australia – whose designs and quality materials rival those of their European counterparts.

To complete the circle, we also have new sources for architectural hardware from right here at home in the ‘good ole’ USA, Reveal Designs out of White Plains, New York, setting the stage.

In the beginning, Ironmonger’s reputation as purveyor of ‘what’s new & hot’ whetted the appetites of trend-setting Architects and Designers. In the days ahead, we intend to re-establish that tradition. So stay tuned and expect the unexpected. With innovative architectual designers like Marcus Halliday (Halliday + Baillie – New Zealand) and Ian Sommers (Turnstyle – England) leading the way, we can all but guarantee that you ‘haven’t seen nothing yet!’

When you Specify the hardware, Specify the Source !

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