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d line Talks Sustainability and Walks the Walk !

Hmmm…here’s a thought. Imagine replacing your door handles with the very same ones you took off…?

“Quality never becomes waste” – #re-handle®

d line helps you do just that with their re-handle® program.

Sustainability is the goal and d line is creating the narrative !

Already an industry leader with a 20-year product warranty on many of their timeless, iconic designs, through their groundbreaking re-handle® program, d line will extend the life of their original products up to four times – in effect providing you with a possible 100 years of use !

Check out d line’s EPD (Environmental Products Declaration) on this revolutionary re-handle® program.

Manufactured in Denmark, the d line product range, with its diversity of hardware and sanitary fittings coupled with an unparalleled Performance Guarantee, continues to be the ‘go to’ brand for architects and designers.

“Sometimes good as new is better” – Products Made To Last – #re-handle®

For d line, we were the Source in 1982 and we’re still the Source today.

Remember, when you Specify the hardware, Specify the Source !

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