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d line Durability means Longevity


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d line Talks Sustainability and Walks the Walk !

Hmmm…here’s a thought. Imagine replacing your door handles with the very same ones you took off…?

“Quality never becomes waste” – #re-handle®

d line helps you do just that with their re-handle® program.

Sustainability is the goal and d line is creating the narrative !

Already an industry leader with a 20-year product warranty on many of their timeless, iconic designs, through their groundbreaking re-handle® program, d line will extend the life of their original products up to four times – in effect providing you with a possible 100 years of use !

Check out d line’s EPD (Environmental Products Declaration) on this revolutionary re-handle® program.

Manufactured in Denmark, the d line product range, with its diversity of hardware and sanitary fittings coupled with an unparalleled Performance Guarantee, continues to be the ‘go to’ brand for architects and designers.

“Sometimes good as new is better” – Products Made To Last – #re-handle®

For d line, we were the Source in 1982 and we’re still the Source today.

Remember, when you Specify the hardware, Specify the Source !

Call us toll free: 1-800-621-1937 or locally at 1-312-527-4800.
Send us your faxes: 1-312-527-1870.
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Thank you for your interest in these products – we encourage you to make it a regular habit !

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Renovate, Decorate & Update with Schwinn

Schwinn Hardware Germany Photo

IRONMONGER is pleased to add the SCHWINN Hardware  line of furniture fittings and accessories to a long list of celebrated manufacturers. Competitively priced, this line includes hooks, knobs, and cabinet pulls and most recently added, SCHWINN LED US Hardware and SCHWINN Handle-Free Cabinet Hardware.

With current trends and lifestyle changes that focus on lessening one’s carbon footprints and aging in place, SCHWINN Hardware has over 3,000 items to help you remodel or revamp every room in your home.

Schwinn 2Z093 Hook


Schwinn Knob 22607

Schwinn Handle 2Z071







° SCHWINN Hardware is ISO 9001 certified and many items comply with ADA Standards for Accessible Design

° SCHWINN Hardware offers antimicrobial products

° SCHWINN Hardware’s more popular designs are stocked and readily available in their US QUICK SHIP program

If you’re looking to spruce up your refrigerators, ovens and other appliances, check out these SCHWINN Appliance pulls. And on page 19 of the Catalog QS USA, you’ll find the Schwinn Item 2389 Appliance Pull, available in several finishes including Dark Nickel, Matte Gold and Matte Black, ready for quick ship from US stock.

Switch out the hooks, knobs, or handles in your kitchen with SCHWINN Hardware and you’ll be amazed at the transformation. And don’t stop there, go ahead and experiment in other rooms to see what a difference new hooks, knobs, or handles will make on that beloved bureau in your bedroom, credenza in your attic, desk in your living room, or on the wall in your mudroom…or the bathroom…possibilities abound….

With SCHWINN Hardware, your dream room or piece of furniture is just a new hook, knob, or handle away !

So c’mon and call us here at the IRONMONGER toll-free: 1-800-621-1937, locally: 1-312-527-4800 or EMAIL US and we’ll help you discover “A World of Daily of Innovation” !

For some of us, the name Schwinn conjures up images of bicycles… Classic red enamel chassis…leather seat…leather grips…coaster brakes…..

According to SCHWINN Hardware, the two companies share a name and place of origin and there the affiliation ends. Both founding fathers hailed from Germany. Ignaz Schwinn, family and bicycle manufacturer, was born in 1860 and arrived Stateside 35 years later to open Arnold, Schwinn & Company here in Chicago, Illinois. Peter Schwinn, founder and decorative hardware manufacturer, would open his furniture company in Germany in 1932.

And decorative hardware is what we here at IRONMONGER are all about !

For more information, call us toll-free: 1-800-621-1937, locally: 1-312-527-4800 or EMAIL US and we’ll help you with your SCHWINN Hardware needs !

Now, if your curiosity is piqued and you’d like more information on the Schwinn Bicycle (not to be confused with SCHWINN Hardware), click here:  Schwinn BICYCLE


FROST Designs Presents Les Miroirs Noirs and More

Signatures 54-55FROST continues to delight us with their ever-expanding repertoire of products and finishes.

This time they enchant us with the magic of ‘black.’

The stage is set….

In this mise en scène, the UNU Mirrors appear poised yet nonchalant. They command our attention. The NOVA Candlestick and the NOVA Soap Dispenser sit back in repose awaiting their turn to shine. And while all are draped in black, it’s the expanse of the UNU Wash Table that shows just how lovely this powder coated finish can be.

And as the drama unfolds, the candle flickers….

This is just another part of the Story.Old Theatre light

We recently sent out a literature packet that featured the photo above. If you’re one of the lucky few who received that packet and you just want the specs on the items shown, click here. For additional information on the unique FROST Shelf * Wardrobe & Stand System, flip through the UNU-BUKTO designer’s catalogue.

As always, we encourage you to let us be your one-stop Source for everything on the door from the closers to the hinges to the levers themselves; cabinet hardware, bathroom accessories, towel warmers, sliding door tracks, and more.

Call us toll-free at: 1-800-621-1937, locally at: 1-312-527-4800 or send us your fax: 1-312-527-1870. You can also send us your emails.

And remember, when you Specify the hardware, Specify the Source !



FROST Original Copper Series

FROST has big news – and we’re excited to share it with you !

IRONMONGER proudly presents the FROST ORIGINAL COPPER Series  making its worldwide debut and creating quite a stir in the US Market. It’s the first of its kind The FROST COPPER RANGE 2015 – a coordinated series of product accessories produced in this fabulous burnished metal finish.

Spurred by the interest generated from the introduction of the award winning busk+hertzog designed Camouflage in copper, founder Hans Jørgen Frost once again seized the opportunity to do what hadn’t been done before. And from this groundswell, Hans derived the inspiration for what he deemed THE MODERN TAKE ON A CLASSIC FINISH.

The FROST ORIGINAL COPPER Series has a light PVD coating for increased durability. This also helps to prevent a patina from forming. To remove smudges or fingerprints, simply wipe clean with a dry cloth.

And don’t be fooled into thinking that copper is just a fad. It isn’t ! This resilient metal dates back to ancient civilization. In addition to the majesty of its bright auburn hue, copper has natural antimicrobial properties, resists corrosion, and is 100% recyclable.

Copper Wishbone

Frost Copper Wishbone & Mini Camouflage

So c’mon… What are you waiting for? Just peek inside the
FROST ORIGINAL COPPER Series booklet and you’ll find many of FROST’sclassic’ designs, all splendidly rendered in this wonderful finish.

The new FROST ORIGINAL COPPER Series is your Complete Interior Solution !

Let IRONMONGER be your Source for the new FROST ORIGINAL COPPER Series !

And when you Specify the hardware, Specify the Source !

Call us toll free: 1-800-621-1937 or reach us locally at: 1-312-527-4800 or fax us: 1-312-527-1870

Send us an email:

HJF website Jun2015

Hans Jørgen Frost, Founder

Frost ~ The story is being told….

The Truth About Linnea’s Inspiration

Linnea lock on Oak2Linnaea BorealisLinnea LLC thrives on inspiration. With its roots in America’s Pacific Northwest region, this company designs building products whose squared edges appear sharp by design. Contrast that to the delicate structure of Linnaea Borealis(twinflower) whose pretty pink and white twin bells dangle from a slender Y-shaped stem. However, don’t be deceived. Like the beautiful Linnaea twinflower, this manufacturer and namesake has duality at its core – ‘clean lines & solid construction,’ ‘refined form & reliable function’ – which allows a two-pronged approach in the design and creation of their Stainless Steel and Solid Brass hardware.

Established in 2003, Linnea Inspirational Hardware has been specified in residential and commercial projects around the world. While 316-grade Stainless Steel (satin as well as polished) is their signature finish, they also offer 304-grade Stainless Steel, Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome and two new finishes: Custom e-coat and Custom Powdercoat.

Check out Linnea LLC where you’ll find building products for every room in your home. From levers & locks for all your doors; cabinet pulls & knobs for the kitchen; shower pulls & toothbrush holders for the bathroom; to door stops that mount on either the wall or the floor. You’ll also find hinges, house numbers, hand rail brackets and more.

Linnea Inspirational Hardware providing “innovative designs to last a lifetime.”

Email Us when you’ve found what you’re looking for…or if you need help finding it.
You can also call us: toll-free 1-800-621-1937, or locally 1-312-527-4800.

Let the Ironmonger be your Source for LINNEA Inspirational Hardware.
And remember, when you Specify the hardware, Specify the Source !

Linnea 3080 Cabinet Pull Copy of Linnea logo Linnea_Flower

AMBA – You, Me, and a Warm Towel

E-2130 / ELORY Collection

Skinny-dipping in the Adirondacks… You

A dip in the pool at midnight… Me

Deep muscle massage… You

Strenuous exercise… Me

Bathtub… You

Sauna… Me

Wrapping up in a warm towel when all is said and done…AMBA

Let the IRONMONGER be your Source for AMBA products.

For more information, feel free to send us an Email with your questions and concerns. You can also reach us toll-free at 1-800-621-1937. And for those of you residing locally here in Chicago call us at 312-527-4800 to speak with a member of our knowledgeable Sales Staff.

And remember, when you Specify the hardware, Specify the Source !

d line adds a door stop

Earlier this year, Professor Knud Holscher designed another remarkable piece of hardware, d line e news June 2012 , a doorstop too handsome to be kicked around. Touted as a “work of art!”, this piece is as practical and resilient as it is beautiful. And depending on your needs, it’s available in 2 different heights, 15 mm and 30 mm.

Here’s a quick preview of the actual d line catalogue pages which feature floor door stops.

For more than just doorstops, check out the full line of d line – Stainless Steel, Sleek and Sophisticated – products.

Feel free to Email Us with your questions and concerns. You can also call us toll-free at 1-800-621-1937 or locally here in Chicago at 312-527-4800 to speak with a member of our knowledgeable sales staff.

And remember, when you Specify the hardware, Specify the Source !

What’s So Iconic About d line

Iconic Interior designed by Arne Jacobsen

An icon is an object of uncritical devotion. A cultural icon builds on this definition by virtue of its significance, status and impact on society. Arne Jacobsen, Danish architect and designer, is one such icon whose designs enjoy worldwide recognition and acclaim.

Through partnership with Danish manufacturer Carl F, Jacobsen designed the AJ Lever handle for the SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen in 1961.

“For Carl F this meeting constituted the beginning of an iconic collection of beautifully designed lever handles….” Partnering with leading architects and some of the design world’s most creative minds, d line moves the tradition forward presenting IKONS, handles available in Stainless Steel, Brass, and Wood “sealed” with a thin PU lacquer.

As befits a premier innovator in the design and manufacture of modern European architectural hardware, d line opens the IKONS series with Arne Jacobsen’s eponymous lever, an ergonomic design inspired and shaped by his palm gripping a lever handle. This Carl F Lever handles collection includes several other classic yet unique European designs.

Featured alongside Arne Jacobsen, you’ll find this stunning Collective of Collaborative Partners: PLH Architects, Jean Nouvel, AARSTIDERNE Architects, schmidt hammer lassen design, Annelise Bjørner, ONEN, VILHELM LAURITZEN Architects, CUBO, and HENNING LARSEN Architects.

C’mon take a peek inside this d line IKONS catalogue… And see how beautiful a lever can be !

Contact us toll-free: 1-800-621-1937 or Email Us for more information.

Visit our D line page for the full range of d line hardware.

When you Specify the hardware, specify the Source !

The Ironmonger, Inc. – Purveyors of Modern Hardware – Contact us toll-free: 1-800-621-1937 or Email Us for more information.

*SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen Photo and YouTube video courtesy of SABISTYLE.


221 Aurora

IRONMONGER is pleased to present the INOX line of decorative hardware, a competitively priced Stainless Steel product available in Satin Stainless, Polished Stainless, and Oil-rubbed Bronze. While not all items are available in all finishes, INOX has a wide range from which to choose which is why we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. For a tactile experience, we have a beautiful 7′ Tower Display showcasing their levers and accessories in our showroom.

Meanwhile, check out the Inox Residential Brochure.

When you’ve made your selection or if you have questions, feel free to email IRONMONGER, or call us toll-free: 1-800-621-1937.

We can also be reached locally at 1-312-527-4800. And for those who happen to be in the neighborhood, our showroom is conveniently located in Chicago’s Near North side, not too far from the Merchandise Mart.

So, let IRONMONGER be your Source for INOX. And remember, when you Specify the hardware, Specify the Source !