FROST Designs Presents Les Miroirs Noirs and More

Signatures 54-55FROST continues to delight us with their ever-expanding repertoire of products and finishes.

This time they enchant us with the magic of ‘black.’

The stage is set….

In this mise en scène, the UNU Mirrors appear poised yet nonchalant. They command our attention. The NOVA Candlestick and the NOVA Soap Dispenser sit back in repose awaiting their turn to shine. And while all are draped in black, it’s the expanse of the UNU Wash Table that shows just how lovely this powder coated finish can be.

And as the drama unfolds, the candle flickers….

This is just another part of the Story.Old Theatre light

We recently sent out a literature packet that featured the photo above. If you’re one of the lucky few who received that packet and you just want the specs on the items shown, click here. For additional information on the unique FROST Shelf * Wardrobe & Stand System, flip through the UNU-BUKTO designer’s catalogue.

As always, we encourage you to let us be your one-stop Source for everything on the door from the closers to the hinges to the levers themselves; cabinet hardware, bathroom accessories, towel warmers, sliding door tracks, and more.

Call us toll-free at: 1-800-621-1937, locally at: 1-312-527-4800 or send us your fax: 1-312-527-1870. You can also send us your emails.

And remember, when you Specify the hardware, Specify the Source !

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